Cápsula: ¿Qué es el naturalismo religioso?

Ayer coloqué en YouTube y TikTok un vídeo explicando el humanismo religioso y el naturalismo religioso. Espero que les guste.

Portales de interés

Big History Project – https://bhp-public.oerproject.com/

Epic of Evolution – https://epicofevolution.com/

Journey of the Universe – https://www.journeyoftheuniverse.org/

Religious Naturalist Association – https://religious-naturalist-association.org/

Religious Naturalism – https://religiousnaturalism.org/anotherhome/

Religious Naturalists UU – https://uurn.weebly.com/index.html

Spiritual Naturalist Society – https://www.snsociety.org/

UU Humanists Association – https://huumanists.org/

Unitarian Universalist Association – https://www.uua.org/


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